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Welcome to The Frushour Wiki!
We're just like Wikipedia, but for the Frushour family and connected families.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the wiki is going offline on February 16, 2016. It is backed up and will return eventually. Our apologies for this. I have something coming up in my life I must attend to, I am the only person with wiki administration experience, and response to the wiki over the past three years has been rather tepid.

Please take this time to gather any information you would like off the wiki. I will let everyone know when the wiki is back online.

It is said that almost everyone in the United States of America whose last name is Froschauer/Freshour/Frushour - or has one in their history - is a descendant of Hans Georg and Catharina Graf Froschauer, who came to the Americas in 1732. This wiki is trying to track that, using previous research and Internet resources.

As of right now, we have cataloged 2,047 Froschauers/Freshours/Frushours and their descendants across 10 generations. The Froschauer/Freshour/Frushour family and those connected to it have an almost 300-year history in the United States. This wiki is intended to bring all of that information together in an easy-to-update and search format - just like Wikipedia. All members of the family given access this wiki are welcome to change anything. We may not have your specific line on the wiki yet - but we can't know about it unless you join and help us plug it in!