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Welcome to The Frushour Wiki!
We're just like Wikipedia, but for the Frushour family and connected families.
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This wiki is for family members only. You can watch the video and read this page to get an idea of what is on the site.
We are looking for family members to join us. If you would like access, please send an e-mail here:
If you are confused and are trying to log in, click here.

The Frushour family and those connected to it have an almost 300-year history in the United States. This wiki is to bring all of that information together in an easy-to-update and search format. All members of the family who are looking through this wiki are welcome to change anything.

We're not sticklers here. This is not a hardline genealogical database, where every scrap of information has been checked and double checked against original records. (Mind you some has been, and we welcome that kind of work.) This is to be an easygoing, pleasant-to-read database of our lives, stories and pictures. Because all text can be edited you are free to say if what you are talking about is oral tradition, or if there's some family debate.

Many genealogical databases are long lists of birth and death dates, with little information and trivia, as if genealogy is like the video game Pokémon - "Gotta catch 'em all!" That concentration is on building the tree, and not so much on the people on it. This wiki is intended to be a place where we can read about our grandparents, and great grandparents, and further. We also hope people contribute: Post pictures, share a story. Remember, someday we will be the ones our descendants are asking their grandparents about.

If you would like access, email the admin below your: Full name, connection to the family, and the e-mail address you would like connected to the account.

Questions? Contact the site administrator here